Roger Vivier was a small, well-known footwear designer in the 50, and Mr. Dior very much appreciated Roger's talent, so he opened a footwear design department for his innovative New look series, appointing Roger Vivier for Design director (not hired) Roger also lost hope, for Dior designed the world's first pointy high heels. You know, in the 50 's, the skirts worn by female celebrities were dragging long skirts, so you couldn't see what the shoes looked like, and there was no slender heels with them before, only the "Marisu heel", which is now very popular, was Mr. Roger who invented slender heels, including later commas.

Unlike other designers, Roger is not employed by Dior, but by partnership, so the shoes he designs are the only ones that are allowed to mark his name on the shoe, a gorgeous "Christian Dior pourque par" with diamonds, lace and wire Roger Vivier "became the Eternal Classic.

After the death of Mr. Dior in 1957, Roger continued to cooperate with the then Yves Saint Laurent (yes, at that time, Mr. Saint Laurent had not yet set up his own brand, initially only the deputy of the old Dior, after the death of the old gentleman, as young as 21 years old, he alone become the handler! It's also a legend, it's not eight today. )。 This cooperation continued until 1963, as Mr. Saint Laurent himself in 62 and dug Roger over! After the blue ... Fang Buckle shoes were born ~

When it was first born, the square buckle shoe was called: Buckle. Because in the relatively traditional conservative society at that time, the average woman's shoes are not any embellishment and simple. But Roger has always been reluctant to follow the rules, and he is very striking at the front end of his shoe head with a large, long-shaped square buckle. Shoes just launched the market, did not sprinkle the response, also Ah, who dares to eat apples first? Then actress Catherine Deneuve in the film "Belle de Jour," and as a result, women all over the world fell madly in love with ...